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Prenatal clinic services

Individual prenatal care services during pregnancy and after the birth of a child

Do you want certainty of the progress of your pregnancy and a safe beginning for your child’s life?

Our Finnish clinic system is unique in the world and we want to offer this for you to use as well. Finnish children go to the clinic at a rate of almost one hundred percent, even though the clinic visits are on a voluntary basis. Our prenatal clinic operations are divided into the maternity and child health clinic.

Prenatal clinic services

The aim of our maternity clinic operations is to ensure the expectant mother’s, foetus’s and new-born’s health by means of health checks, screening examinations, as well as guidance and counselling carried out by a public health nurse and a doctor. In our clinic, parents receive support to the great change caused by the birth of a child. We strive to promote and maintain the whole family’s health and well-being.

The basis of our maternity clinic operations is the individual health care plan, which is based on the woman’s and her family’s needs, which is used to assess the need care, examinations, guidance and counselling individually. Every year we care for more than 1100 pregnancies / families at our maternity clinic.

Our child health clinic operations are operations that enhance the child’s growth and development, as well as the whole family’s well-being and parenting. The aim of the child health clinic is to safeguard the health of the child and to support the parents so that the child would have good prerequisites for healthy growth, development and well-being. At our child health clinic, we monitor and examine the child’s growth and development, discuss the family’s health habits and any issues that are possibly troubling the family. At the clinic, the vaccinations in accordance with the Finnish vaccination program are provided. The nurse and the doctor work in cooperation at the clinic.

Ollikainen Hertta

MD, Pediatrician

Child Welfare Clinic and School Health Care
Health Care Center
City of Kuopio

Pulkkanen Elisa

MD, Specialist in General Practice

Deputy Chief Physician
Clinic Responsible for Motherhood and Sexual Health
Health Care Center
City of Kuopio
General practice